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Why KDi?

Our Core Values


We strongly believe in our Core Values to direct us in everything we do - hiring,  recognizing the right people, and promoting.  We put a big emphasis on making sure that we are bringing in like-minded people that see the world the same way we do. Values like accepting responsibility, team loyalty, and doing the right thing are not always easy to do, so that's why we make such a big emphasis on our core values to keep all of our team pointed in the right direction. One of the main statements we live by is “We didn't come this far to only come this far,” so the right people are absolutely critical to work together towards the future we are creating.  

KDi's Proven Process

-Status update

-Final quality gate

-Schedule shipment


-Quality gates

-Status updates

How can we help?

-What worked?

What didn't?

What's next?

Complete & Ship


Print Approval

-Tell our story

-Understand how we can help


Purchase Order

-Gather information

-Define scope

-All info gathered


-Pinpoint details

-Sign off

-Customer approval

We are continually looking for new and growing businesses in OEM, construction, manufacturing and more who are looking for long term vendor relationships, quick turnaround, top quality, and who want better than what they are currently getting. We want to build relationships that support your business and continue to grow people, capabilities, and technology. We always FIND A WAY TO WIN!

KDi's Guarantee:

No surprises! You get the last look at prints to confirm we can build it or you can cancel the PO.

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