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Our Equipment & Capabilities


Amada 6k Laser

Our newest Amada Laser! This Amada 6k Laser has capability to cut up to 5'x10' sheets of metal. Its advanced technology and precise cutting capabilities ensure excellent results.

Amada 3k Laser

Our Amada 3k Laser is capable of cutting up to 5'x10' sheets. It is a cutting edge industrial tool that offers exceptional precision and efficiency. 


Press Brakes

We currently own 3 press brakes. We have 2 Accupress 250 ton 12' press brakes and we just purchased a new Amada HRB 1303-M15 press brake. These press brakes easily manipulate various types of metal to create precise and intricate bends. 

Robot Welders

KDi currently has a 6 Axis Rotating Table OTC Robotic Welder. The robot can be programmed to follow precise welding paths, ensuring consistent weld quality and enhancing productivity.

COMING SOON!!! An additional 6 Axis Rotating Table OTC Robotic Welder is on order for this year!



We have a 6'x3/8" Akyapak Four Roll Hydraulic Plate Roller and a 4'x1/8" Akyapak Power Roller onsite here at KDi. These rollers help us shape sheet metal into curved or cylindrical forms - perfect for ductwork or tanks.


KDi currently has 2 Hyd-Mech Saws and 2 CNC Band Saws. These saws ensure clean and precise cuts, minimizing material waste and optimizing the use of our materials. We are able to handle a wide range of cutting requirements in order to tackle diverse projects for our customers.



KDi uses 20+ welders, ranging from the small, lightweight models to the larger, more powerful machines. Our selection includes both MIG and TIG welders, perfect for any project. 

Powder Coat

KDi is able to cut out the middle man with our 10'x10'x12' Powder Coat Booth. Having a powder coat booth offers numerous advantages that enhance our capabilities and deliver exceptional results. 



We've added automation to both of our Amada lasers in order to help with efficiency and quality. These loaders allow us to cut more jobs in less time, meaning we get jobs done sooner for you!

Additional Equipment

-Wet Paint Booth

-5'x10' Mazak Laser



-Pipe Bender

-Multiple Delivery Trucks and Trailers




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Main Office

5780 E Concrete Drive

Kendallville, IN 46755

Tel: 260-318-9163

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