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In 1942, LeRoy William Kammerer embarked on a modest venture, founding a small welding repair shop in the heart of Kendallville, operating from his own garage. Initially, the business focused on minor repairs, welding farm equipment, and selling steel, giving rise to L.W. Kammerer & Son's business. In a bold move in 1963, LeRoy decided to relocate the business to a spacious rural area, purchasing just under 20 acres to provide ample room for a modest building and the repair of the ever-changing farm implements, which had grown in size.

Under the guidance of LeRoy's son, Sherril W. Kammerer, the company evolved, and in 1978, it was rebranded as Kammerer Welding. To gain a competitive edge, they erected a significantly larger building, spanning 2400 sq. ft., not only to accommodate the expanding farm equipment repairs but also to venture into the new phase of their business plan – fabrication services.

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During the 1980s and 1990s, the region witnessed numerous fabrication, welding, and repair shops. However, as the economy changed, many of them either closed down or sold off their operations. Taking advantage of the reduced competition, Kammerer Welding made a strategic decision to expand its operations and incorporated as Kammerer Inc. By 1998, Sherril's sons, Kelly and Klint Kammerer, assumed leadership roles as the third generation, setting the business on a new path.

Around 2006, Kammerer Inc. brought in a full-time salesman and experienced substantial growth, doubling its size. In 2008, their physical facility underwent significant expansion, reaching an impressive 30,000 sq. ft., and continued to thrive. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction, quality, and competitive pricing, accumulated over half a century, proved to be the cornerstones of their success, even amidst recent economic downturns.

In 2015, Kammerer Inc. expanded its business by purchasing another building across town and starting Kammerer Dynamics, Inc., diversifying its offerings and solidifying its place in the market. The sons of the Kammerer family took this opportunity to split the business into distinct entities, each focusing on their specialized domains. Klint Kammerer took over Kammerer Dynamics. In 2018, Klint and Kelly split the two companies into completely separate entities. 

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Kammerer Dynamics remains steadfast in its commitment to existing customers

Kammerer Dynamics has grown substantially over the last 5 years. In 2020, a new building was added to the property, giving them over 19,000 sq ft of room to grow. KDi added many more technologies and capabilities in the last 5 years and they're not done yet - they've broken ground on an addition that will double the size of that 19,000 sq ft facility in 2023. They hope to finish in 2024 and continue the possibilities of growth. 

Looking ahead Kammerer Dynamics remains steadfast in its commitment to existing customers, striving to meet their needs while exploring new markets. Cultivating strong supplier-customer relationships is a priority as they continue to grow. With a substantial physical presence, a dedicated workforce of over 40 employees, an unwavering determination for solutions, and a can-do attitude, led by the visionary 3rd generation of Kammerers, they welcome any challenge.

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