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Elevating Workspaces with Exceptional Metal Fabrication

Custom Industrial Catwalks & Catwalk Systems

Catwalks and mezzanines are a smart investment for OEMs. Elevated walkways provide safe access to machinery and allow workers to cross efficiently between buildings and over obstacles. At Kammerer Dynamics Inc, we're experts in engineering and fabricating custom catwalks for industrial applications.

Types of Industrial Catwalks

Generally speaking, catwalks refer to elevated walkways inside or outside a facility. Mezzanines include raised platforms, storage systems, and work areas, such as support structures for HVAC ductwork and related access points for maintenance.

We offer many options for designing custom industrial catwalks, including:

  • Modular catwalk systems
  • Straight stairs, stairs with intermediate landings, switchback stairs, L-shaped stairs, and fixed vertical ladders
  • Crossover stairways
  • Loading dock and assembly line platforms
  • Handrails, platforms, kickplates, and access control systems

Platform options range from steel checker plates and galvanized steel bar grates to anti-skid grating and aluminum mesh. OEMs can choose from custom aluminum catwalks or steel options such as carbon, stainless, and galvanized steel.

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Custom Mezzanine Systems, Work Platforms, and Catwalks

Custom Steel Catwalks for Industrial Operations

Catwalk stairs, platforms, and handrails must fit industrial operations closely. For example, crossover systems for oil pipelines are different from observation platforms for automated production.

Our team has extensive experience with a wide range of industrial applications:

  • Conveyor belts and sorting systems
  • Generator maintenance platforms
  • Rooftop walkway systems for HVAC equipment
  • Access systems for valves and heavy equipment

Heavy-duty custom steel catwalks are a good fit for many industries, including automotive, oil and gas, petrochemical, warehousing and distribution, food and beverage, energy, and wastewater management.

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Benefits of Industrial Catwalk Systems

Industrial catwalks improve productivity and profitability for many manufacturing operations.

Streamlined Operations

Streamlined Operations

Catwalk systems allow workers to access key systems quickly. Managers can monitor processes from above instead of repeatedly traveling to and from the production floor. Workers can go from point A to point B without time-consuming detours.

Maximized Floor Space

Maximized Floor Space

Vertical work areas such as catwalks and mezzanines allow for simultaneous operations on multiple levels of a facility. Whether for storage, monitoring, or access, these systems make smart use of available space and support increased production.

Improved Maintenance

Improved Maintenance

With catwalks, maintenance personnel can reach access points for heavy machinery, HVAC systems, piping systems, and other areas. That way, manufacturers can avoid or reduce downtime.

Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

Elevated walkways allow authorized personnel to avoid walking through high-risk areas. This helps prevent collisions, slips, or risks from forklifts.

Experts in High-Performance Custom Catwalks

At Kammerer Dynamics Inc, we have manufactured custom catwalks for more than 70 years. Our state-of-the-art design and fabrication systems provide exceptional quality and precision. Contact us to see a full range of options.

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